Reading and Phonics

At Manor Lodge we are trying very hard to improve our reading. The school staff have all written and agreed to a ‘Reading for Pledge’ to encourage the children to read for pleasure. We also have lots of special events throughout the year such as “Get Caught Reading”, National Storytelling week events and much more!

There is a library club held at lunchtimes for Key Stage 1 and 2 children to help encourage reading and teach the children how to use the school library. There is also a Reading Club starting in October.

Every half term we meet with our reading partner class to share reading time. We read books to each other as well as sharing texts we have written ourselves in our English lessons.

Every class has daily guided reading sessions where the children are encouraged to use a range of reading strategies, including Reciprocal Reading. We also teach discrete comprehension lessons.

We assess using the Sheffield Tracking and Assessment Tools. These give details of age related objectives that we plan and assess from. In Key Stage 1 we use Jolly Phonics to teach the sounds, we use a range of books from different schemes including: Phonics Bug, Read Write Inc and Oxford Reading Tree.

A copy of our reading pledge is available at the bottom of this page and information about the curriculum can be found on our curriculum page.

Reading for Pleasure Pledge

 The staff at Manor Lodge Primary School pledge to develop a love of reading in all our children by:

  • Ensuring children have a story read to them every day in school
  • Ensuring every child in school has a library card and the opportunity to visit the local library at least once a term
  • Giving our children choices in their reading and talking to them about what they have read and what they thought of it
  • Holding regular reading events to help our children engage with books and reading (National Storytelling Week, World Book Day)
  • Having a school library which the children have access to on a regular basis
  • Providing lots of opportunities for our children to share books such as paired reading, playground readers, library club, 'Smart Start', reading volunteers
  • Having attractive and welcoming class reading areas which the children have constant access to
  • Providing a wide range of reading material and enlisting children in making choices about which books/reading material to provide in school
  • Having a half-termly 'author of the moment' to broaden our children's knowledge of different books and their authors
  • Ensuring children have time to read books of their choice every day
  • Making time to share new books to ensure staff's knowledge of books is up to date
  • Giving children the chance to review and share their opinions on books