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Foundation Stage

At Manor Lodge Foundation Stage we have a nursery and a reception class.
The Foundation Stage Staff:
Miss Jones
Miss Lansdale
Miss Ashworth
Mrs Stenton
Miss Todd
Mr Crookes

Our theme this half term  (Autumn 2) is 'Are you Afraid of the Dark'. At the beginning of the term we will be exploring Space and planets. In Literacy we will read the story Whatever Next and think about what we might need to bring on a visit to the moon. In Mathematics we will be exploring the concepts of 1 more and 1 less.

 We will be reading the traditional tale - The Gingerbread Man. In Literacy we will be learning two oral stories to encourage us to develop our story language. We will be sequencing stories and making story maps. In topic we will make gingerbread men and then write instructions. In Mathematics we will be learning to count irregular arrangements and subtract.

As we near the end of the Autumn term we will be thinking about the celebration of Christmas. We will write letters and lists to Father Christmas, explore Christmas stories, make decorations and cards. In Mathematics we will be exploring shape and the different shaped presents we might find under our Christmas tree!
We will also be very busy working with nursery to learn our nativity!


In Foundation stage one of our key focuses is reading and getting our class to enjoy books! To support your child with their reading it would benefit them if you could find time to read a story with them. We will send reading books home each day for you to practise we your child. Please return them to school everyday. For any advice on reading and how to support your child just ask.

 If you have any suggestions about a particular interest that could be incorporated into the children's learning just let us know!
If you would like further information about the curriculum we follow here is a link to the address: