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School Council

The School Council at Manor Lodge is made up of a boy and a girl from each class (Year 1 to Year6). We are dedicated to working as a team to give the pupils a voice in our school and have a positive influence on our school environment.

This year we have been learning how a school council works and can improve a school. First, we helped to change the cleanliness of the dinning hall at lunch times and we chose new drink options to have available.

We began the year by highlighting the dangers of crossing the road outside school as well as stopping cars parking in the wrong places around home time.

Then, we asked out school how bullying effects the children in our school. We then came up with solutions to the problems and gave advice to children so they knew what to do. We made anti- bullying leaflets to help parents talk to their children and gave advice on where to get further help. We also made a new anti- bullying school policy!

Finally, as part of our learning about councils. We visited the Lord Mayor of Sheffield at the Town Hall. We saw how councils work in real life and how they work on a city scale. We got to ask many questions and we were given some very useful answers.