The Governing Body 

The governing body works with the headteacher and leadership team in setting the vision and establishing the right culture to drive forward improvement thus ensure the best life chances are secured for every child. Governors support, monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the school, holding the school to account for the standards achieved and the quality of education.

Committees, which meet usually once each half term, are smaller in number and are based on governors’ skills and interests.

All except staff governors have a link governor role. They liaise with staff in a monitoring role.

Our Governors:

 Name Category of Governor Position Date Appointed*Term of Office Committees Appointing Body

 Meetings Attended September 2015 - August 2016

FGB = Full Governing Body

 Joanne Bradshaw Headteacher    4 years

 Finance, Staffing and Premises

 Curriculum and Standards

 Governing Body 4 FGB, 6 Committee
 Jennie Camps Staff  04/02/16  4 years Curriculum and Standards Governing Body 4 FGB, 3 Commitee
 Gemma Boyd Parent  20/05/16  4 years  Governing Body 1 FGB
 Linda Ellis Co-opted Vice Chair 02/02/16 4 years  Governing Body 
 Nancy Farrow Co-opted  02/02/16  4 years Finance, Staffing and Premises Governing Body 2 FGB, 4 Committee
 Julie Gifford  Parent  20/05/16  4 years  Governing Body 1 FGB
 Janette King Co-opted  04/02/16  4 years Curriculum and Standards Governing Body 2 FGB, 2 Committee
 Ashlee Perry Co-opted  04/02/16  4 years Curriculum and Standards Governing Body 1 FGB, 1 Committee
 Hazel Quarterman Co-opted Chair of Governors 04/02/16  4 years

 Finance, Staffing and Premises

 Curriculum and Standards

 Governing Body 4 FGB, 1 Committee
 Gina Williams                         Parent  20/05/16  4 years  Governing Body 1 FGB
 Roz Wollen Co-opted  04/02/16  4 years Finance, Staffing and Premises Governing Body 2 FGB

* The school de-federated from Grace Owen Nursery School in February 2016 and a new governing body was formed at this point.

Register of Interests

 NamePecuniary Interests e.g. building firms, catering contractors Related to pupils, members of staff or other members of governing body? Any other pecuniary interest e.g. membership of a club that uses the school facilities?
 Joanne Bradshaw x x x
 Jennie Camps First Aid training x x
 Gemma Boyd x Yes - pupil x
 Linda Ellis x x x
 Nancy Farrow x x x
 Julie Gifford x Yes - pupil x
 Janette King x x x
 Ashlee Perry x Yes - pupil x
 Hazel Quarterman x x x
 Gina Williams x Yes - pupil x
 Roz Wollen x x x