Our School garden at Manor Lodge is developing and improving year after year. The children have the opportunity to take part in outdoor learning on a regular basis.  We have 12 raised beds and grow a variety of vegetables.  We have an indoor growing area, a wide range of tools and equipment, and a compost corner!! 

In recent years children have worked hard to develop and estalish a pond area.  We now have tadpoles and water snails!
We have a small orchard of young fruit trees and last half-term some Y5/6 children had the opportunity to plant even more fruit trees.

Last academic year, we installed a beautiful bird hide and wildlife area to enable the children to develop a love for outdoor learning. We also have a new seated area consisting of story telling chairs and logs. We have a range of resources the children can access including den building equipment, bug finders, binoculars, bird ID charts and insect nets.

The wildlife area has extended across the curriculum and children have engaged in activities based on outdoor survival, literacy, maths, science, geography, history and music. One of the most memorable activities was an outdoor drumming session which engaged the children in African drumming and dance.