About Us

Welcome to Manor Lodge Community Primary School . We are an LEA school for 4-11 year olds based in Sheffield .

Our School Aims
We aim to:
- Enable all children to fulfil their potential
- Provide a happy, safe and stimulating environment where every child's contribution is valued.
- Help children to respect themselves and others.
- Promote children's enthusiasm for learning by providing and exciting and challenging curriculum.
- Support children's understanding of themselves as learners and develop their capacity for enquiry.
- Encourage children to learn independently and in co-operation with others.
- Allow all children to realise and share their talents.
- Create a sense of community in which children can adapt and evolve to its changing needs.

Manor Lodge Community Primary School is a small, welcoming school that values enjoyment and achievement through learning.


We are extremely proud of all that goes on here.

As our website demonstrates, the children at Manor Lodge Community Primary are supported in their learning by dedicated staff, governors and parents.


Class organisation

This year there are 11 classes within school. Nursery and Foundation stage operates as a base with a team of teaching and support staff. Children are organised into three registration groups but have free-flow provision through the base for much of the time.

In key stage 1 there is a Y1 class, Y1/2 class and Y2 class.  Similarly, in key stage 2, there is a Y3, Y3/4, Y4, Y5, Y5/6 and Y6 class. All classes have at least one teaching assistant.


Other improvements/initiatives

Elsewhere in school changes and improvements are busily taking place. A  team of enthusiastic young librarians from Y5 led by Ms Merriman are improving the library linked to the school's big focus on reading this year.


The outdoor learning environment

Our school garden creates a fantastic space for children to explore and learn. The school also boasts a working allotment with regular opportunities for all children to undertake gardening activities and grow their own fruit and vegetables.


Clubs and extra curricular opportunities

As you will see, we have lots of School Clubs taking place designed to enrich and extend the children's learning. School clubs are run by staff at lunch time and after school. If you wish to support or run any clubs, please speak to Sally Hoyland or a member of the teaching staff.

Both the school's breakfast club and after school club continue to be popular with pupils and parents who need out of school care.

-We are kind and gentle
-We work hard to be the best that we can be

-We listen to each other

-We look after our school

-We learn as a team